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Fajita Marinade

A piece of grilled skirt steak being held over a cutting board intact still.

Fajitas are a popular dish in Mexican cuisine, known for their mix of spices, vegetables, and meats. We introduce a unique marinade, using our Spanglish Asadero Bold Citrus Marinade and Mexican Ancho Chile to enhance the flavor.

The key to a great fajita is the marinade. Our Spanglish Asadero Bold Citrus Marinade, with citrus tones and Mexican Ancho Chile, creates a balance of flavors. It tenderizes the meat and adds a fresh taste.

Skirt steak and flank steak are ideal choices for fajitas because they absorb marinades well and are flavorful.

Grilling the marinated steak adds a char on the outside and keeps it juicy inside. It brings out the flavors of the marinade, including the smoky and citrus notes.

Marinating the steak for a few hours is essential for flavor absorption and tenderization. Scoring the steak before marinating helps the flavors penetrate more deeply.

After grilling, slice the steak against the grain for tenderness. Serve it with warm tortillas, lime, and your choice of fajita sides for a complete meal.

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