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"As an Executive Chef, anytime I use Spanglish Asadero seasonings, it takes my food to the next level and gives it that special touch I'm always looking for."

— Eddie Campos, Executive Chef

GOOD 2021-04-19_CN22N4wBzs5_2555468284476887948.jpg

"Spanglish Asadero has changed how our family eats! My kids won't eat salmon or seafood without what they call the secret ingredients found in their amazing Savory Surf and Turf Seasoning! Our family also loves a little kick in our meals and the Bold Citrus Marinade and Signature All Purpose Seasoning adds the perfect amount of flavors to our meals, including steak, chicken, and a family favorite, tri-tip! Spanglish Asadero has something for everyone!"

— Pasima, Mom/Realtor


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