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Chipotle Butterflied Chicken w/ Alabama White Sauce

When it comes to making a memorable meal, this Chipotle Butterflied Chicken with Alabama White Sauce stands out in a league of its own. This dish is a beautiful blend of flavors, thanks to our Spanglish Asadero Ultimate Chipotle blend and our Signature All Purpose seasoning that I used to marinate the chicken. The real magic happens when the chicken is cooked just right, offering a tender inside and a crisp outside that sings in harmony with every bite. But it doesn't stop there; the Alabama White Sauce, enriched with the Ultimate Chipotle blend, waits on the side, ready to add an extra layer of taste that makes this dish unforgettable.

Butterflying the drumsticks is a game-changer for several reasons. First off, it lets the heat distribute more evenly, ensuring that each piece cooks perfectly without any parts being over or underdone. Plus, it speeds up the cooking process, which is always a win when you're hungry and can't wait to dig in. More surface area means more space for our Spanglish Asadero Ultimate Chipotle blend and Signature All Purpose seasoning to work their magic, making each bite more flavorful than the last.

There's something special about sitting down to a meal that's been prepared with care and thought. The Chipotle Butterflied Chicken with Alabama White Sauce is more than just food; It brings people together, sparks conversation, and leaves everyone at the table asking for the recipe. So next time you're looking to make dinner an experience, remember this recipe. It's proof that simple ingredients, when combined with a little creativity and love, can create something truly extraordinary.

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