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Authentically Delicious
Seasonings for Every Food & Occasion

Spanglish Asadero® seasonings and rubs focus on creating unique and authentic blends using the best ingredients Mother Nature provides. Our goal is to create an elevated food experience through our blends that are vibrant in color and deep in flavor. We pride ourselves on being bold and undeniably unique, as our Spanglish Asadero® brand. 

Bold Citrus Marinade

The citrus flavors paired with the bold chili sensation. Create an unmistakable savory experience. Whether you use it as a dry rub or create a wet marinade, the flavors are exquisite and unmatched.

Spanglish Asadero - Bold Citrus Marinade  Front.jpg

Signature All Purpose Seasoning

Perfectly hand crafted and loaded with authentic flavors and mild chiles that is in a league al in its own.


Savory Surf & Turf seasoning

The perfect balance of savory sea salt, herbs and spices creates an explosion of flavor brilliance that cannot be explained. You will experience the most elegant intimacy with your food creations.


Mexican Ancho Chile Seasoning

This award-winning handcrafted blend uses secret ingredients that speak only smokey and sweet tenderness. The distinguished flavors of ancho chilies paired with other secret ingredients will elevate your dishes to a whole new level of awesomeness!

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