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1 - 10 oz Signature All Purpose Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Savory Surf & Turf Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Bold Citrus Marinade

1 - 10 oz Mexican Ancho Chile Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Hatch Chile Verde Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Picante Chile de Árbol Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Spicy Al Pastor Seasoning

1 - 10 oz Fiery Citrus Habanero Seasoning

The Bangin Collection 10 oz - 8 Pack

$99.99 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
  • Hatch Chile Verde

    Spanglish Asadero’s Hatch Chile Verde seasoning is a robust and earthly blend of New Mexico Hatch chilies and other amazing spices. It’s inspired by the bold flavors of the American Southwest with its sweet, garlicky, smoky and mild spicy taste. This blend is an ideal match for your pork dishes, ribs, poultry, beef, and seafood dishes.


    Spicy Al Pastor

    Spanglish Asadero’s Spicy Al Pastor seasoning combines the rich and earthy flavors of chilies and spices of Mexico in a bottle. It’s amazing on any pork, beef, poultry, or seafood dish. It’s delicious, spicy, smokey flavor can’t be beat! Al Pastor tacos has become a fan favorite!


    Fiery Citrus Habanero

    Spanglish Asadero’s Fiery Citrus Habanero rub brings the heat and is only for those brave enough to take the challenge! It’s amazing on wings or any protein or veggies of choice, so don’t be shy. Whether you use a little habanero heat or a lot, the amazing flavors will have you coming back for more.


    Picante Chile de Árbol

    Spanglish Asadero’s Picante Chile de Árbol blend is amazing on everything from prime ribeye steaks to a Cornish hen or vegetables. A savory and delicious blend with a touch of heat at the end will make it one of your favorites.


    Spanglish Asadero 10oz Shaker Bottles are the perfect size for you to try all of our flavors. The "La Coleccion" set comes complete with all four of Spanglish Asadero's signature seasonings and rubs. Mexican Ancho Chile BBQ Rub, Signature All Purpose Seasoning, Bold Citrus Marinade and Rub, Savory Surf & Turf are all included in the set. Set includes four 10 ounce shakers bottles.


    Signature All Purpose

    Spanglish Asadero’s Signature All Purpose is a secret blend and a must have whether you're grilling or cooking on your cooktop. This amazing seasoning is one that can’t be missed. It became world famous for its perfect match on carne asada and pollo asado. This is a must have in your seasoning lineup!


    Bold Citrus Marinade

    Spanglish Asadero’s Bold Citrus Marinade combines citrus and chili flavors for an unmistakable savory experience. The vibrant color and flavor will bring your dishes to a whole new level of amazing! This rub also pairs wonderfully with Surf & Turf and All Purpose.


    Savory Surf & Turf

    Spanglish Asadero’s Savory Surf & Turf seasoning is a blend made in heaven. It takes your seafood, beef, poultry, pork and vegetables to the next level! It’s a perfect blend of savory sea salt, herbs, and spices and is a go-to for just about anything you put in your mouth.


    Mexican Ancho Chile

    Spanglish Asadero’s Mexican Ancho Chile is an award winnnig seasoning! It is handcrafted and mixed using nine herbs and spices to bring you a delicious and unmistakable smoky, sweet and savory flavor. The vibrant color of our blend will make any dish beautiful and with an undeniable flavor.


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