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Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

A piece of grilled skirt steak being held over a cutting board intact still.

Spanglish Asadero Mexican Prime Steak and Chop seasoning is your secret trick not just for steak nights, but for seafood too. Imagine a soft tortilla holding lots of tasty shrimp, each piece full of a classic seasoning that gives a kick to every bite.

The seasoning really makes these shrimp shine, taking them from simple to wow. When the shrimp cook in butter, they get a nice, toasty outside but stay soft and juicy inside. Then you put on some Mexican crema, and it's like a cool splash against the warm spices.

The flavor doesn't stop there. You get a hint of smoky chipotle that plays well with the sharpness of onion and garlic. Tomatoes add a bit of sweetness and tang, making everything taste even better.

Cheese is a must, right? It stretches under the chipotle shrimp, all warm and gooey, and takes the taco to the next level with that awesome seasoning. Top it off with some cilantro and fresh tomato for that pop of color and a fresh taste.

Making these Chipotle Shrimp Tacos with our Spanglish Asadero Mexican Prime Steak and Chop seasoning turns a simple meal into something more. It's not just eating; it's enjoying every single flavor, from a seasoning that's usually for steaks but works wonders for seafood too. It shows that one good seasoning can make your meal unforgettable.

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