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Chile Verde de Mi Mamá

Chile verde with pork in a bowl. Tortillas and lime wedges on the side.
Chile Verde de mi Mamá

Chile Verde is a comforting Mexican-American stew with melt-in-your-mouth tender chunks of pork in a savory green sauce made from roasted green chiles and tangy tomatillos.

I kicked this dish up a notch with more smoke flavor from my offset smoker w/ the pork, chiles, y tomatillos.

Chile Verde with Pork, a cherished gem in the crown of Mexican cuisine, has tantalized palates for centuries with its extraordinary blend of vibrant flavors. To fully appreciate this culinary delight, it is essential to first delve into the unique taste profile of this spectacular dish.

Historically, Chile Verde with Pork has its roots firmly planted in the rich soils of Mexico, predominantly the northern regions where green chiles thrive in abundance. The dish is said to have originated from a family recipe that has been passed down through generations. Its inception traces back to a time when the freshest local produce and meats were creatively combined to produce hearty, satisfying meals, a principle that remains integral to its preparation today.

Over time, Chile Verde has crossed borders and evolved, with each region imparting its unique touch. In the Southwestern United States, for example, it has gained prominence in New Mexican cuisine, where it is often served with fluffy tortillas or as an enchanting sauce for enchiladas. Despite these variations, the essence of Chile Verde remains the same - a tribute to its robust heritage.

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