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Chile Limon Michelada

Chile Limon Michelada rimmed with seasoning by Spanglish Asadero. Its being held by someone and its very close to the camera.
Chile Limon Michelada

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This Spanglish Asadero Chile Limon rimmed Michelada is a zesty dance of flavors, offering a unique spin on the traditional Mexican beer cocktail. This vibrant beverage brings together the frothy goodness of beer with the tangy richness of lime juice, a marriage made more intriguing by the addition of savory sauces and spices. The true star, however, is the rim of the glass, generously dusted with our Chile Limon seasoning. The smoky heat of the chile and the tangy zest of the limon provide an invigorating welcome to the first sip, adding a layer of complexity to the flavor profile of the drink. This enticing combination of heat, tang, and effervescence dances on the palate, perfectly balancing the cool, crisp notes of the beer. Each sip of the Chile Limon Rimmed Michelada is a mini fiesta, a refreshing adventure that takes you on a lively journey through the essence of Mexican mixology. Enjoy it chilled on a hot summer day, or savor it slowly on a cool evening, it's a drink that guarantees a tantalizing ride for your taste buds.


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